Wednesday, March 22, 2023

VISUAL MEANS: from scattered information to actionable knowledge

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I have done quite different jobs but always related to information and knowledge: from academic research to analysis for think tanks, from lecturing to training and from journalism to communication. My passion have always been understanding what is going on in the Muslim and Arab world and striving to share this knowledge, not only mine, with different audiences: policy makers, experts, NGOs and with a wider public too.

My main activity has always been transforming scattered information into actionable knowledge. In more than ten years of professional experience, across Europe and the Middle East, I have acquired hands-on experience and developed the necessary skills and competences to design, implement and coordinate knowledge sharing strategies.

VISUAL MEANS: maximizing the impact of knowledge

Always curious and passionate about innovation and new digital storytelling, I know very well Web 2.0 potential (I have also published few scientific papers about it) and I got trained on data visualization, data journalism and interactive documentaries. I strongly believe that organisations have huge unexploited knowledge capital stocked in “silos” or underestimated and that visualization can really help in exploiting these untapped resources.


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