(Visual) Content Design

Bruno Munari "Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair" 1944

Designing contents is like designing the perfect chair < easy (and cheap) to produce but comfortable > and we believe knowledge visualization can help users to feel comfortable with your contents.

A good content is for us a content that audiences can easily use, feel comfortable with and to some extent even divert it, without of course betraying the core message.

In collaboration with my partners and according to your (visual) content strategy we can develop contents for very different channels, while creating synergies amongst them.

* Print: roll-ups, posters, cards, brochures, etc…

The Internet has not yet killed the paper as people still want to meet up in the real life and exchange things < like brochures and cards > and to make venues as nice and informative as possible < with posters or roll-ups for example >. It is however crucial while producing contents for print supports to think of their “second digital life”, as we normally do in our projects like Epidemium or Echopen.

* Books

Writing a book might look like as an old style and pointless effort, however it is still an excellent tool to formalize and share your knowledge that can eventually enrich your digital content strategy too. We can help you in developing the concept, the style and the summary; in designing the layout and producing the artwork; as well as in writing and copy editing.

The Epidemium White Paper is the latest book I have coordinated and edited.

* Newsletters, news feeds and magazines

Producing contents on a regular basis is quite a challenge for most of the organizations I know, even media, but it is essential to retain audience attention and eventually create community of interest. We can support organizations in developing a sustainable editorial project for their periodical publications by developing and coordinating an editorial project based on four pillars:

  1. an accurate map of the knowledge and information capital of an organization to define the subjects that can be treated
  2. the analysis of news trends to understand how to pitch the organization knowledge and information capital to make it relevant to the target audience
  3. the analysis of an organization workflow and agenda to highlight possible synergies between the organization’s daily tasks and the exigences of sharing knowledge
  4. the assessment of an organization capacity to produce contents both written and multimedia

Back in 2011 I have made the editorial project and I have coordinated the first issue of Salto Youth EuroMed monthly magazine “meet’in EuroMed“.

* Web and social media

To improve organizations’ digital presence we propose a savvy mix of images, videos and texts consistent with their values and communication exigences. Stock photos, icons and videos are everywhere and they are actually quite recognisable, while tailor-made visual contents really stands out and are more “liked” and “shared”, and are not that expensive.


Inspiration: Bruno Munari “Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair”, 1944.

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Analyst and lecturer of Middle East politics, security and new media, he has also a significant experience as consultant on strategic communication for NGOs and communication agencies. From 2003 to 2010 he has co-ordinated the research unit on politics and security in the Muslim World of Italy’s main private news agency, Aki - Adnkronos International. He has published numerous journalistic articles, video reports and academic essays about Middle Eastern politics and the production of Islamic discourse on the Internet. Ermete Mariani holds a master degree in Arabic Language and Civilization from the University of Venice, and Comparative Politics of the Arab and Muslim World from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris.

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