The right balance between quality and results

End Ivory-funded Terrorism is a very interesting and engaging campaign, whose aim I deeply share, that raises awareness on the connection between elephant poaching and terrorism.

“For us, it [ivory-funded terrorism] represented the diabolical intersection of two problems that are of great concern – species extinction and global terrorism. Both involve the loss of innocent life and both require urgent action.”

The animation they made is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen for the the quality of the illustrations, the animation and for the striking message. It is surely a very expensive of long to produce video but it got important results. Just to give a rough, and to some extent imprecise, measure of its success it got 447,282 views on YouTube, as of today.

It is however possible to make striking videos and relatively popular ones with a limited budget too. If the message is clear, if it is published at the right time and if it really answers an concern of your community / audience you can achieve good results too.

Here is and example of a very “simple” video, at least compared to “last days od ivory”, but effective realised by ProPublica, and american investigative media, and it’s about Darren Sharper, a retired football player accused of being a serial rapist. The video is very simple: a folder with all the charges against Sharper is on a whiteboard where a hand is keeping track of the charges and the days without arrest. This very simple but effective video was published when the scandal broke up and it got 5600 views, as of today, a pretty good figure compared to the average viewers.

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Analyst and lecturer of Middle East politics, security and new media, he has also a significant experience as consultant on strategic communication for NGOs and communication agencies. From 2003 to 2010 he has co-ordinated the research unit on politics and security in the Muslim World of Italy’s main private news agency, Aki - Adnkronos International. He has published numerous journalistic articles, video reports and academic essays about Middle Eastern politics and the production of Islamic discourse on the Internet. Ermete Mariani holds a master degree in Arabic Language and Civilization from the University of Venice, and Comparative Politics of the Arab and Muslim World from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris.

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