Same ingredients different results !

All the cakes are made with the same ingredients: eggs, flour, butter, milk… however results may be very different !

Putting all the ingredients together at the same time is not a guarantee of success, on the contrary you should respect ingredients proportions, a certain order in mixing them and also the way you blend them is important too. And don’t forget that the presentation of your “final result” and the context in which you consume it can really make the difference.

The same principle is valid in communication: if you want to be sure of the impact of your communication you shouldn’t simply aggregate the right information, but you should also take care of the the way you blend them, of the time of delivering and, eventually, of the context in which your message will be received/consumed.

And this last aspect is probably the most difficult one. Some companies have built their success on reducing the risk that your messages come out of the blu on the Web. This new trend is also called “Native advertising in context” and, to my knowledge, the most important companies are Outbrain, Ligatus, Taboola and to some extent even GoogleAdSense. They all develop algorithms to put your messages in the right contexts, at the right moment for the right audience. The results is not always very satisfying (here I talk as a news reader), but surely it is more effective than traditional banners.





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Analyst and lecturer of Middle East politics, security and new media, he has also a significant experience as consultant on strategic communication for NGOs and communication agencies. From 2003 to 2010 he has co-ordinated the research unit on politics and security in the Muslim World of Italy’s main private news agency, Aki - Adnkronos International. He has published numerous journalistic articles, video reports and academic essays about Middle Eastern politics and the production of Islamic discourse on the Internet. Ermete Mariani holds a master degree in Arabic Language and Civilization from the University of Venice, and Comparative Politics of the Arab and Muslim World from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris.

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