Graphic Reportage: covering and summarizing a conference

In August 2015 I was called by Lattanzio Group to help them out with the communication of a press conference where the Italian Region “Abruzzo” presented the new website dedicated to the European Social Fund implementation in Abruzzo and a participative project to gather projects proposals from the citizens.

They wanted a more original and unusual coverage of the event to engage younger audiences in participating to this project. To this end I called a couple of very good professionals and friends: Roberto Tofani, a multimedia journalist, and Gud , a very appreciated cartoonist and graphic designer.

While Roberto was shooting and editing short interviews with the speakers to upload on social media feeds, Gud was drawing very insightful graphic metaphors that were displayed during the event and published on social media.

The day after the event we delivered 5 video interviews and this wonderful infographics that was used internally to explain the ideas behind the project and its milestones, as well as externally to engage young audiences to participate into the project.




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Analyst and lecturer of Middle East politics, security and new media, he has also a significant experience as consultant on strategic communication for NGOs and communication agencies. From 2003 to 2010 he has co-ordinated the research unit on politics and security in the Muslim World of Italy’s main private news agency, Aki - Adnkronos International. He has published numerous journalistic articles, video reports and academic essays about Middle Eastern politics and the production of Islamic discourse on the Internet. Ermete Mariani holds a master degree in Arabic Language and Civilization from the University of Venice, and Comparative Politics of the Arab and Muslim World from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris.

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