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ATA 61st General Assembly - Official Dinner

From September to December 2015 I was in charge of the communication strategy of the 61st General Assembly of ATA – Atlantic Treaty Association, their major annual event, which gathers representatives from the association’s 37 national chapters and that is usually followed by an international conference on security issue.

The conference was on “Cooperative Security and Interconnected Threats” and it was, of course involuntarily, very timely as it took place one week after the Paris attacks of November 13th in Brussels. The conference featured very high level policy makers and international experts as NATO Deputy Secretary General, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government – the full program is here.

My mission was to gain media attention and engage new audiences on social media. They wanted to deliver a renewed and fresh image of the Association, which takes into account the different sensibilities of the speakers and participants and the high standing of the event.

To this end I choose to adopt to different styles: flat design and live sketching

Infographics > Flat Design

To present the association to guests, speakers and media I have realised an infographics (concept and design). The most difficult part of this infographics was identifying the right message: appropriate visuals and words that respects the international relations jargon and, at the same time, are comprehensible to a wider public. The infographics is also on the website to explain visually “what we do” and was printed on roll-up that were used to decorate the premises of the ATA 61st General Assembly.



As usual I asked my favorite designer, Barbara Govin, to join me on this challenge. For the official dinner with the NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassadors to NATO, speakers and other high level personalities we decided not to make individual portraits but rather making drawings that catch the atmosphere of the evening as is was under strict Chatham House rule no quotes.

For the conference, we opted both for speakers’ sketches with a quote or a visual metaphors to explain the key concept of the intervention.

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Analyst and lecturer of Middle East politics, security and new media, he has also a significant experience as consultant on strategic communication for NGOs and communication agencies. From 2003 to 2010 he has co-ordinated the research unit on politics and security in the Muslim World of Italy’s main private news agency, Aki - Adnkronos International. He has published numerous journalistic articles, video reports and academic essays about Middle Eastern politics and the production of Islamic discourse on the Internet. Ermete Mariani holds a master degree in Arabic Language and Civilization from the University of Venice, and Comparative Politics of the Arab and Muslim World from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris.

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